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Virtual May Community Giveaway Donation

Virtual May Community Giveaway Donation

Regular price $10.00

Entry is for the current giveaway as posted in the BVN Community and other platforms. All donations are final, no refunds once the drawing has occurred, which may happen prior to a live event. All giveaway entries expire after the current giveaway has been drawn. The recipient must claim their prize within 5 business days of the announcement. Any recipient failing to provide fulfillment information within 5 business days will forfeit their gift and a new recipient will be drawn, at the discretion of the BVN Leadership Team.

Eligibility for giveaway winners is determined by the BVN Leadership Team. The final recipient is determined by the BVN Leadership. Free Shipping within the United States of America except where prohibited. NO Shipping outside the United States of America.

Individuals entering the giveaway drawing must be at least 18 years of age, or 21 years where required, at the time of donation.

There are limited entries into this giveaway, once all entries have been entered, no additional donations will be accepted for entry into the giveaway.