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PA Cannabis Legalization March // April 20th, 10 AM-2:00 PM

PA Cannabis Legalization March // April 20th, 10 AM-2:00 PM

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We want to assemble in large numbers for a march on Harrisburg, joined by NORML Chapters and advocacy groups from across Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians are NOT being heard in Harrisburg, and it is time that we are HEARD. Though we cannot currently gather within the Capitol, we CAN march TO the Capitol, voicing our demands to our legislators.
Our assembly will practice social-distancing and mask-wearing, as current state guidelines suggest at the time, but we will NOT be silenced even if they lock us out. Provided we can attract a large enough crowd*, we will assemble at the river, marching up State Street to the Capitol Stairs (on 3rd Street). We will rise the stairs, determined to be heard by policymakers statewide. We will DEMAND cannabis reform in the form of legalization. We will also push for patient protections, home cultivation rights, and a respect for OUR FREEDOMS.

We encourage all participants to bring protest signs and flags to wave. This will also be a unified display of support for Lt. Governor Fetterman’s flag campaign on his office balcony, overlooking our display on this day. We will have flags available for purchase at the rally as well.
What we need from each of you is a COMMITMENT to attend. Take the day off. Tell your friends. Tell your mom. Ask your mom to tell her friends. The TIME IS NOW, that all Pennsylvanians must be heard in unity, demanding our freedoms.