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Life has its ups and downs, find balance.


  • BV 
    • Access
      • MMJ Certifications 
      • State Fee Reimbursement 
    • Empowerment 
      • Weekly virtual & physical wellness classes 
      • Small group discussions 
      • Private and secure peer to peer community
      • New Monthly educational content for the community 
      • Access to Medical marijuana state programs and educational content
    • Advocacy 
      • Decriminalize nature teams 
      • NORML teams MUST SHOW LOGOS of Leigh high valley NORML Pittsburg, PACC maybe 
      • Veterans Cannabis Coalition?
      • Allowing veterans to get involved and help with legislative efforts for their state
      • Local advocacy in PA and IL CA 
      • Advisors to Canadian Veterans for healing GAFF
      • Community advisors to Green Thumb EDU 
      • Women Grow
      • Invisible Combat