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Life has its ups and downs, find balance.

Our Impact

Since the Balanced Veterans Network started supporting Veterans in 2018, we have collectively supported over 300 veterans receiving their medical marijuana cards for free. We have participated and facilitated over 40 educational events nationwide, directly building community and genuinely supporting our community. We have collectively advocated on multiple state and national levels for Veteran benefits and access issues. We will continue to get creative in reaching more of our nation's warriors to provide community and support to them and their families. In 2021, two separate organizations, Operation 1620 and Balanced Veterans, decided to combine their efforts to help more veterans and provide a balanced model moving forward. We believe that there is ultimate unity through a community, and we work together with other organizations to connect veterans to real help. The Balanced Veterans Network spans the nation to connect veterans to physical communities in their location.


We have given away as an organization: $15,000 worth of gear.

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How much does it cost a veteran to purchase a MMJ card? Anywhere from $150-$350 + a $25-$50 State program fee. Through the BVN: $0.00!

How much does a typical wellness class cost a veteran? $15-$50 per class. Through the BVN: $0.00 


We continue to provide safe and secure peer-to-peer community and support groups, weekly wellness classes, educational series,  events, and wellness challenges. 


Our goal is to provide a physical location for veterans to safely travel to, learn skills and tools to help navigate transitioning from the military, combat common mental health conditions, and provide a sound understanding of core fundamentals to living a balanced life. 


Our organization works very hard to make a lot happen, and currently, 100% of our operations are volunteer-led. In the future, we hope to employ veterans who can contribute their gifts and time to serve our organization to help reach more veterans and create relevant and creative educational content for the veteran community. We will continue to provide safe, secure places for veterans to connect and work toward our goal of an entirely self-sufficient wellness facility. 


If you believe in veterans healing and would like to help us make any of this a reality, please reach out to our team here to start a conversation or consider making a tax-deductible financial contribution (HERE)