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Your support will enable us to continue our mission and to continue improving conditions and programs for veterans in need. We have multiple alternative therapy programs in development, and we have a lot of goals to continue advancing and helping our community find freedom. 


Since the Balanced Veterans Network started supporting Veterans in 2018, we have collectively supported over 300 veterans to receive their medical marijuana cards for free. We have participated and facilitated over 40 educational events around the nation, directly building community and genuinely supporting our community. We have collectively advocated on multiple state and national levels for Veteran benefits and access issues. We will continue to get creative in reaching more of our nation's warriors to provide community and support to them and their families. 

Costs, administration, marketing, Research & Development, Volunteer support, MMJ Reimbursements, educator reimbursement, Operations, Community development, Donations to other orgs, Support to the network. 


We have various ways you can support our organization. 

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Grant inquiries and writers in the areas of Mental Health, alternative therapies, etc... 

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Balanced Veterans is a 501(c)(3) Organization; your donation is 100% tax-deductible and is processed by a CPA overseen by our board. 


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Our financial transparency is of the utmost importance to our organization. While we are a charity and operate as much as we can by volunteer force, there are expenses as we continue to grow and expand our programs. We can provide Financial statements and updates to those who contribute to BVN.