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Our dispensaries are known for emphasizing education and customer service for seniors, first-time dispensary visitors, and patients with serious medical conditions. We focus on providing our guests with in-depth, one-on-one consultations from highly trained cannabis consultants. We also provide free cannabis education events that are open to the public. Our flagship San Francisco Castro dispensary was named the best-designed dispensary in the country by Architectural Digest. Our guests may order their cannabis in our dispensaries or online for pickup or delivery

The Canna Care Docs team is comprised of physicians, licensed healthcare practitioners and support staff who all share the goal of helping patients along their medical cannabis journey. Since 2013, we have been providing high quality medical cannabis education and certification to thousands of patients.

At Maitri Medicinals we cultivate, produce and dispense quality medical marijuana products to patients in Pennsylvania who suffer from qualifying medical conditions and diseases.

Leafwell is a telehealth platform focusing on getting people their medical marijuana cards and physician’s medical cannabis certificates / recommendations as simply and easily as possible. There are also many people living in remote and underserved communities who need the ability to see a physician, and online consultations are a great way to provide this!

State laws regarding medical marijuana can vary widely, and even specific cities, counties and jurisdictions are allowed to disallow cannabis retailers should they choose to do so. Cannabis is also federally illegal, meaning there is a lot of mismatch in regulatory requirements from state-to-state.

Leafwell wants to help make navigating this landscape easier. Whether it’s getting a physician’s letter & medical marijuana card, understanding the science behind cannabis, getting to grips with the laws in various states, or gaining some insight into cannabis culture & economics, we here at Leafwell want to help where we can.

At Green Thumb, we believe in the plant’s potential to improve health, happiness, and comfort. We invest in our people, our brands, and our retail experiences to power a profound shift in well-being.

While serving in the Marines, Stephen was stationed in Jacksonville, NC as a 6672 Aviation Supply Specialist for MALS-29. He served overseas with the 22 MEU and spent time in Kuwait, Iraq, and Pakistan. After getting out of the military, Alex and Stephen came up with the idea for a smokers subscription box about 3 years ago after Stephen experienced several bad trips to the VA Hospital. Most veterans will understand what we mean when we say “bad experience at the VA,” haha. As a Marine veteran, Stephen was suffering from several issues, but one of the main ones being insomnia. He was seeing several doctors at the VA Hospital to help with the issues, but quickly realized that the only options offered to help were pills on top of more addicting pills. One of the main pills being ambien, which if you aren’t familiar with the side effects, just do a simple google search and you’ll see!