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Life has its ups and downs, find balance.


Mental Wellness

There are countless tragic stories that our team hears about veterans taking their lives, getting addicted to various substances, getting arrested, becoming homeless, the list goes on, and it is devastating. The media and Hollywood like to portray veterans as broken, beat down, dangerous members of society when in reality, most veterans are genuinely struggling to transition out of the military successfully. Whether combat or non-combat, veterans undergo a process of breaking down and reconstructing that most people cannot begin to understand. Our team knows that mental freedom is possible. Living a balanced life and thriving is possible, and many tools and practices can help along the way. We encourage veterans to lean into some of our organization's opportunities and the education and tools you can use to help.

There are many opportunities to connect with fellow veterans, family members, and caretakers on their mental wellness journey in our online veteran community (OVC). We host weekly wellness classes and small groups lead by peers and professionals.

  • Prioritizing your mental health is vital to living a balanced life. We are here to break the stigma around mental health by educating and empowering veterans to try different modalities that challenge and strengthen the mind. Mental Wellness is more than a community; it's a way of life where we grow our mental resilience. We encourage you to digitally drop in and say hello to begin building your peer support network.
  • We will be hosting small groups of specific topics soon to include groups like men's, women's, couples, PTSD, transition assistance, and many more. Stay plugged in and engage. Equip yourself with tools to start moving toward mental freedom.
  • The importance of Mental Health briefly talks about our online community with a link to connect to like-minded veterans on their healing.

“Mindfulness has been shown to have a positive effect on numerous psychiatric, psychosomatic, and stress-related symptoms, including depression and chronic pain.”