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You want to be a part of the crew?

Thank you for considering becoming an ambassador. We have many opportunities for people to get involved, spread the word, and help out. If you would like to join our crew in a more official capacity and help by volunteering, consider signing up to become an ambassador. You can help out from anywhere in the nation and we have various regular weekly and monthly team meetings you can be a part of.

We are also always looking to partner with mental health professionals, researchers, and people with other professional skill sets in order to enhance the support that we can give to our community if you have any connections that you think could help us advance the mission please reach out to

You do not need to be a veteran to join our ambassador program and we encourage anyone that believes in the mission of wellness for veterans to join the team and help out.


  • Be a part of genuine life change, every day new veterans find alternative therapies and healing modalities thanks to the effort of our team. There is nothing more life giving than being able to provide hope to fellow brothers and sisters.
  • Input on new designs, videos, educational content and programs specifics.
  • Free T-Shirt every year
  • Ambassador specific discount code (10%) this can also be used for community tiered memberships
  • Access to Online community educational material early

How you can help

  • Stay engaged in internal communication
  • Help spread the word about our mission and how alternative therapies are saving veteran lives. By taking information pamphlets and promotion materials to local dispensaries, wellness facilities, Gyms, Yoga Studios etc...
  • Use #BalancedVeterans on posts on social media to draw people to our community.
  • Monthly team video meetings | Regular weekly meetings for specific teams.
  • Contact companies, individual representatives and influencers to create connections for the organization.
  • Leadership roles are always available as well.