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To start or not to start, is it even a question?

To start or not to start, is it even a question?

Article By Dev

Thinking about my decision to use Cannabis medicinally takes me back to waking up next to empty beer bottles, bad texts, worried family and a lack of purpose. Depression. Like a lot of my brothers and sisters first getting out of the service I found myself with the difficult predicament of realizing what I had become.

For the first time life slowed down, my joints hurt, anxiety kicked in and I realized that it had been over a year since I got a good nights sleep. After it happened enough times I realized I was afraid of being woken up by memories that camouflaged themselves into my dreams. Worried that the ankle that caused me pain daily from getting closed in an up-armored vehicle door during an ambush would be the reason I’d be stuck with a cane for the rest of my life. Never the less, as hard as it was for me to realize and admit it I had to do something different, I couldn’t let things get worse. 

Determined to find a legal solution and after a couple weeks of calling around and speaking to numerous individuals, the goal of gathering information on the Medical Cannabis program on Oahu, I had finally located a Pain Management Doctor who was fully certified and licensed to prescribe me Cannabis. I made an in person appointment, went in to see him and he had me fully licensed to utilize Cannabis medicinally.

I branched out over social media to other veterans in a 5013C charity who met frequently to share cannabis knowledge, grow cannabis and give plants to other veterans for free. We also attended statewide Cannabis conferences together to show the industry the value Cannabis has on a veterans life. I quickly realized how vast the community, need for the plant and positive effects were and fell in love with my new passion. Helping, educating, and relieving my brothers and sisters of their pain through Cannabis Access, education and support. A similar tale can be found in another OP1620 article here. Do you need some Cannabis? 

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